“Grandpa’s Last Gift: A Treasure Beyond Words”

Grandpa and I were very close. In his will, he gave my siblings and me a choice: $10,000 or a photo album. They took the money, but I chose the album because it felt like a piece of him. As I flipped through the pages, each photo brought back happy memories. Then, I was shocked to find a hidden letter behind a photo of us together. It said:

“My Dearest Claire, If you’re reading this, you chose the photo album, just as I knew you would. This album holds our cherished memories, which meant more to me than anything else. You’ve always been my sunshine. I wanted to give you something to remember our bond. Enclosed is a check for $100,000. It’s my final gift to support your dreams. Use it wisely, and know I’ll always be with you. Thank you for choosing love over money. You’re my precious granddaughter.”

Tears of gratitude rolled down my cheeks as I felt Grandpa’s love and wisdom in his final gift.

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