My Family Insulted My Wife in Front of Me and They Still Think They Were Right

Imagine being in a situation where your own family insults your spouse right in front of you. It’s not just awkward; it’s hurtful and it tests your loyalty, relationships, and personal boundaries.

Here’s what happened:

I’m 22 and my wife is 21. We’ve been together since childhood and started dating when I was 17. The issue is that she had an accident when she was 11 and hasn’t been able to walk since then. We’re trying our best, but her recovery hasn’t been promising.

We got married 8 months ago, and both our families and friends celebrated with us. However, my family criticized me for marrying so young and hastily. I have two older brothers who are two years apart from each other, and one older sister who is four years older than me.

They came to my wedding and I thought they had accepted her. But a few days ago, we had a family dinner because my oldest sister was finally getting married. Everything was going fine; we joked, ate, and danced together.

My wife got tired, so I took her upstairs to sleep. When I came back downstairs later, out of nowhere, my sister said it would be better if my wife didn’t come to her wedding. I thought she was joking and laughed, but she was serious. I asked her why, and she said she wanted me to be by her side, not taking care of my wife.

I was shocked and said, “What?” I told her my wife isn’t a burden; she’s family. My sister insisted she accepted my wife but worried I would focus too much on her instead of being with her during the wedding. She said it’s normal for a brother to be with his sister at her wedding.

Then my brothers joined the conversation. They said I had already done enough for my wife and now it was time to focus on my sister. They even suggested I should have married someone else instead of someone they saw as a “burden.”

I looked at my dad for support, but he just signaled for me to calm down. My mom also joined in, agreeing with my siblings that my wife shouldn’t come to the wedding because I wouldn’t pay enough attention to my sister and the event if she was there.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I told them if my wife wasn’t welcome, then neither was I. I said I was leaving, and as I headed upstairs to get my wife and go home, my family tried to stop me, saying I was being unreasonable. I warned them that if they said anything else offensive, there would be consequences.

I grabbed my wife and we left. She asked why we were leaving, and I made up an excuse about having urgent work in the morning. She believed me, but my family kept saying I was wrong for threatening them.

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